2013 Pink Mermaid Color Wedding Dress

Many brides in order to show his most beautiful gesture on their wedding day, continue to lose weight before marriage, but this effort is harmful to the health work does not necessarily get very quickly obvious effect. Then, how can a fat bride in the wedding show the most perfect charm? High waist wedding dress is fat bride no two choice. Court Train Color Wedding DressA loose dress will only make the fat bride’s body looks more expansive sense, but also can not choose a particularly close to the body style, design should be simple. For example, the waistline can in the chest and waist intermediate; this can let the waist fat hide in the skirt below. Don’t despair, as long as the understanding of yourself which parts are fat, according to the fat parts to choose suitable colored wedding dress, still can become a charming bride on the wedding.

Fat bride‘s best choice is to choose texture relatively stiff wedding dress. Wedding dress is too soft to the skin would be exposed to physical defects of bride. In addition, wedding dress design would better choice which waist and skirt style are relatively simple, be sure to avoid the complexity of the design.