Tips for Choosing Homecoming Dress

Looking for 2017 Homecoming dress collection, your eyes soaking up the gorgeous gowns and all their exquisite detailing, your heartbeat picks up at the thought of slipping into one of these festive, fabulous frocks. Luckily, here are some tips for buying cheap homecoming dresses, read on and hope these would help you.

one shoulder black homecoming dress
Keep an Open Mind: In case you notice your choices do not work for your daughter, please continue the search online and be willing to get advice from the sales assistant in stores since they associate with girls each homecoming season. Remember to visit different websites for different stores and remember just because a homecoming dress looks great on a model does not necessary mean it will look good on your daughter.

Take Your Daughter’s Measurement: By taking your daughter’s measurement, we mean you take a tape measure and measure your daughter from head to toe. This will help you save time especially if you are looking for a dress that fits. Please refrain from guessing your daughter’s measurement. Apart from measuring your daughter, you have to consider the shoes that she plans to wear with her homecoming dress. Remember the length of your daughter’s homecoming dress will be greatly affected by whether she wears heels or flat shoes.

Read the Policy When Buying Online: At times, you may shop a homecoming dress online and after the dress is shipped to you, you find something doesn’t fit as you would have expected. That is why it is important to always buy in an online shop that has a hassle-free return or exchange policy. We have all seen the posts which feature dresses which have been made in China of dresses made to look like catwalk dresses – I would recommend avoiding those as I’ve personally never seen one which actually looked as it was supposed to.

Found The Right Dress For Your Daughter: Have the confidence that in case your daughter likes the dress other people will love it too. It is not always necessary for your daughter to send all her friends the pictures of the dress so that they can give her their comment since not all of them have her best interest at heart. Once you and your daughter have chosen and bought a dress, stop looking for more options.

Tips for Choosing Short Homecoming Dress

Homecoming season is at the corner, have you found your dream dress? There are so many kinds of short homecoming dresses online, if you want one affordable dress for your Homecoming, the below shopping tips you should take in mind.

one shoulder black homecoming dress

Start your shopping plan early. If you wait too long to get started, you might be rushed and then end up with a dress you don’t like that much. Since everyone has homecoming around the same time, dresses can get picked over quickly! Start shopping a minimum of four weeks in advance of your homecoming date to give you enough time to find and try on different styles, figure out your hairstyle and shoes, etc. You won’t regret having more prep time.

Follow the school dress code. Does your school have any guidelines around length, i.e. how many inches above the knee are ok, or the top area – can you wear a sleeveless dress? If you go to a more conservative school, skip the super short party dress with spaghetti straps, and/or make sure to have a shawl or shrug to cover up. Better yet, find out the school’s deal breakers before you fall in love with a dress that isn’t up to code.

Make sure the dress can flatter you. If you’re looking to create or emphasize existing curves, think waist cinching, bell-shaped skirts, one-shoulder dresses, and decorative elements like ruffles or pleats. If you want to downplay a larger bottom half, look for a simpler fitted waist dress with an A-line bottom or an empire waist dress. Just remember, in the fitting room, to bend over, sit, squat, dance, and wave your arms in the air to see how the dress ‘really’ fits you and how comfortable you feel in it.

Think about your personal style. Do you lean towards more glitzy styles a la Beyoncé or are more simple and elegant dresses more your style? Do you gravitate towards the vintage looks frequently seen on Sposadress or do you like sleeker clothes, similar to Selena Gomez? What about bright, “look at me” colors and patterns versus more neutral, classic styles? Think about the type of dress that would best accent your personality as well as your frame.

Balance is important in all things and especially when it comes to your homecoming dress. Make sure to choose a neckline based on your body type. If you have a larger frame, think V-neck or scoop-neck dresses but if you are smaller-framed, you want a neckline that will widen you, such as a halter or crew neck style.

Tips for Choosing School Formal Dress

School formal is coming, have you found the right dress? For the young ladies, choosing dress for school party is really necessary and stressful, there are so many elements you should consider, such as the fabric, style, color and so on. Here Formalshop prepared some helpful suggestions, read on and hope these would help you.

sweetheart splited evening dress

Start your searching as soon as possible. The school formal collections start arriving in October, with the vast majority of stock already in stores and selling fast by early January. Many people are shocked when they visit our stores in March and are told that a style has already sold out, and no more are being made. Once you are sure you will be attending school formal, the earlier you begin your search and make your decision , the better !

Bring your parents with you. The first thing to remember is that nearly all stores require a parent to be present for school formal girls to try on dresses, so you will need at least mum or dad with you. Most school formal girls tend to favour bringing their mum with them, but some like to have dads opinion as well. If dad is going to be paying, then it’s definitely a good idea to bring him along at the outset, as otherwise you will need to come back to pay for your dress once you have chosen it.

Keep an open mind. If your first choice of style isn’t working, then start a new search by taking advice from the sales assistant in store. They see hundreds of school formal girls each season, and should be able to guide you to the correct look for you. Look around at what others in store are trying on. You can often be inspired by something you didn’t expect.

Try on the dress as more as possible before purchasing it. Although to a certain extent you will need to imagine the finished effect with hair up etc, it will help if you feel and look your best. school formal is a glamorous event, and if you look like you have just got out of bed, it may hinder your decision making process. Similarly, If you are feeling under the weather, or not feeling your best for any reason, then it may be best to put off your shopping trip for another day.

5 Fashion Sequin Cocktail Dresses

A cocktail dress is the go-to garment for a variety of social events. From work parties to wedding receptions, women need cocktail dresses for formal and semiformal events. However, shopping for a cocktail dress can be frustrating if one has no starting point or frame of reference. Some may tend towards the same old classic look they have always worn while others may blindly follow the latest trend, regardless of whether it suits their body type. Neither approach is ideal. This guide gives six tips on achieving a personal style that suits one’s body while aiming for the greatest versatility in cocktail dresses.

There are so many elegant cocktail dresses you would find, here we collect some sequin cocktail dresses from Sposadress, read on and hope you can like them.

1. Column/Sheath Sweetheart Tea Length Sequined Lace Cocktail Dress

sweetheart sequin sheath cocktail dress
2. Hot Sale White Sequined Chiffon Summer Short Cocktail Dress With Straps

sequin bodice short cocktail dress
3. Pretty A-line Sweetheart Sequined Royal Blue Cocktail Dress With Straps

blue beading tulle cocktail dress
4. Seductive Strapless Tea Length Column Lace Cocktail Dress With Sequined Motifs

ankle length sequin sheath cocktail dress
5. Brilliant Sequins And Crystals For The Princess Two-tone Cocktail Dress

sweetheart beading cocktail dress

How to Buy Right Wedding Dress

Your wedding day is coming and have you found the dream dress? There are so many elements you should consider when buying wedding dress, here Formalshop collect some helpful suggestions, read on and hope these would give you some help.

lace wedding dress with long sleeves

Know what you really want to wear. However, have an open mind and let our experienced consultants guide you. Some gowns with very little hanger appeal look wonderful on a real body and some wonderful looking gowns may not be suitable to your body type. Many of our brides have found their perfect gown by trusting their consultant.

Bring along someone who can help you make a decision. Your mother, or a truly good friend whose opinion you value, but don’t bring too many people along. Too many contradictory opinions often only end up confusing the bride. You may want to prescreen the gowns and only bring an audience for your final buying decision. Be prepared to say YES when you find your perfect dress.

Shopping lace wedding dresses online should be careful. There are many copy houses that feature their inferior gowns online, even using the same pictures as the real designers to trick the public. Don’t get caught in the scam…order your bridal gown and bridesmaid dresses only from an authorized retailer. You can always find authorized retailers listed on the designers websites. The peace of mind and security of ordering from an authorized retailer far outweighs the savings and headaches you receive when you order online.

Start shopping as soon as you have set your wedding date. Limit the number of shops that you visit in one day. You want to make sure that you can remember the gowns you love. Don’t get white blindness and thoroughly confused. As soon as you have found your dream gown, plan on ordering it without delay. Also plan to allow time for any alterations that may be needed to ensure that your gown fits perfectly. Remember our goal is no stress!

Elegant Red Bridesmaid Dresses from Sposadress

The only thing better than kissing your new hubby at the altar is having your leading ladies standing there next to you, floral bouquets in hand! When you picture your big day, you have a pretty good idea of what you’ll look like: stunning in an ivory-white ensemble with a flowing veil and a killer rock gracing your left hand.

Choosing bridesmaid dress would be a hard work for the bride-to-be, and one of the most important elegant is the dress color. As the classic bridesmaid dress color, red color is more popular during the summer wedding. Here are some fashion red bridesmaid dresses, read on and hope this would help you.

1. Column Red Long Pleated Elastic Satin Cheap Bridesmaid Dress

red long pleated bridesmaid dress
2. A-line Fuchsia V Neck Tea Length Sexy Bridesmaid Dress

v-neck red short bridesmaid dress
3. Wholesale V Neckline Sleeveless Chiffon Red Long Bridesmaid Dress

floor length red bridesmaid dress dress
4. Cheap A-line Scoop Neck Ruffled Chiffon Red Cocktail Bridesmaid Dress

knee length red bridesmaid dress
5. Round Neckline Short A-line Sleeveless Hot Red Bridesmaid Dress

red short bridesmaid dress

Choose Wedding Dress According to Your Body Type

Buying your own wedding dress can feel stressful enough, so imagine how overwhelming it can feel to find the perfect dress for your entire bridal party. There are so many things you should consider before choosing your wedding gown, here are some suggestions from Formalshop, read on and hope these tips would give you some help.

sheer A line wedding dress

The A-Line Gown – This is a great shape for all figures, in particular those with a larger bust. The full skirt of the A-line can also hide a larger lower body, or create the illusion of curves on a narrow frame. Since the A-line dress is so versatile, simple modifications to the neckline, waistline, or fabric can accentuate your best features and hide those your not so fond of!

The Ballgown – The ball gown style has a fitted bodice and a dramatic full skirt. While this style can accommodate most body types, the ball gown is ideal for slender or pear-shaped figures as the full skirt helps to accentuate the waist and hide the lower body. If you have a large bust, this style will help to create the hourglass look since it emphasizes the waistline due to the fitted bodice and natural or dropped waist.

The Sheath Gown – This style fits very closely to the contours of the body from head-to-toe. Similar to the mermaid style, the sheath dress is best worn by lean figures, both short and tall. The elongating nature of this design will help petite brides appear taller. However, the column dress does not allow much room for hiding problem areas, such as a larger lower body. It can conceal minor flaws if you opt for a constructed style that will stay in place, but the slip style will be unforgiving. Also, boxy figures that do not have natural curves may consider accenting the waistline with a separate bodice or sash to create the illusion of a defined waist.

The Mermaid – The mermaid cut is not for everyone. This daring design is best worn by slender figures, both short and tall and it is not particularly well suited for those brides with fuller figures. However, if you are on the voluptuous side and want to accentuate your curves, this is the perfect dress for you. The most important thing to keep in mind when considering a Mermaid style dress is whether or not you will feel comfortable wearing it on your big day. You may have a flawless figure perfect for this type of dress, but if you do not feel confident in it, it is not worth choosing.

Tips for Buying Cheap Wedding Dress

It is your special day, and bridal dress would be the first thing you should consider. There are so many things you should take in mind when buying the wedding dress, if you have a tight budget, the below tips you should know, which would help you find your dream dress.

v-neck A line wedding dress

You don’?t have to wear a designer label. There are thousands of styles that mimic the look and feel of these designer styles without the hefty price tag. Scan through top wedding websites and magazines for designer looks you love, and bring them with you as your shop in stores or online to see if you can find a replica for cheap – and we’re talking thousands less!

Pick out the right fabric. Shop for fabrics like chiffon, taffeta, or organza. You can also shop blends of these trios and get them for very reasonable prices. Your best bet is to shop online if you love the look of these three fabrics to guarantee a price that will be significantly less than a dress designed in this material in stores. When you shop these fabrics and dresses online, you are paying mainly for the dress and not the overhead a bridal boutique comes with.

Make sure you can find a seamstress to help you alter the dress. Consider shopping for a dress that is a few sizes larger than what you are. You can always alter it to fit snugly on your body after a session or two with a highly skilled seamstress. They can also add embellishments to a very plain, cheap dress or cut and shape the dress to create a silhouette that will look like you paid way more.

Consider a shorter style. Short bridal gowns are generally less expensive than long ones because they are composed of less material. They are also considered non-traditional and informal, so they are less sought after by traditional brides-to-be, which means you can get an amazing price on a shorter style.

If you are going to shop online, choose a reputable retailer. One major mistake brides-to-be make, is ordering a cheap dress from any old site. If you are ordering a cheap dress online, be sure to review the return and refund policy, give priority to sites that boast free shipping as well as other promotions, and post positive and negative reviews from past customers. If the site is missing an about us page, contact information, or does not have a secure method of payment, steer clear!

Choose Wedding Dress According to Your Figure

There are so many things you should take in mind when choosing your wedding gown, knowing your figure is the key to find your dream wedding dress. If you don’t know how to choose the right style, read on the below things and hope these would help you.

A line sheer wedding dress

For Pear-Shaped Figure: A skirt that gradually flares out in an A formation from the natural waist to the floor, highlighting the narrowness of the midsection and floating away from the hips and thighs. A spaghetti-strap bodice or a V neckline will also showcase a more slender upper body. A classic A-line wedding dress lends itself to formal weddings, but it can also be dressed down when made from a more casual fabric, like eyelet lace or raw-silk shantung.

For Busty Figure: A dress with a scooped neckline. It will open up your face and display your décolletage without showing too much cleavage. If you love the look of strapless gowns, choose one that has a slight dip along the neckline, like a sweetheart, rather than a style that goes straight across.Fabric on the bodice that has a sheen to it will add volume and call attention to your chest. Material that is ruched will have the same effect.

For Apple-Shaped Figure: A dress that cinches in at the smallest point on the waistline, then flares out into a gradual A shape. Opt for a bodice with a lot of texture to it―think ruche or lace detailing―that will camouflage and fit snugly, creating a corsetlike effect. The most slenderizing neckline for you is one with a deep V, which will draw eyes toward the vertical, not the horizontal. Avoid trumpet dress styles, which emphasize the area where your body is widest and flare out at the legs and the knees, where you are most slender.

3 Tips for Choosing Bridesmaid Dress

Now that you’ve found your dream dress, it’s time to start another gown shopping journey: the quest for the perfect bridesmaid dresses australia. No matter your wedding style or the size of your bridal party, we’ve got everything you need to know to find the right dresses for your girls.

long mint bridesmaid dress

Have a meeting and collect your bridesmaid’s suggestions: For the most part, people know what they’re signing up for when agreeing to be a bridesmaid. But that doesn’t mean you can’t still ask questions. Instead of trying to figure out what dress style everyone will love, ask if anyone has a no fly list. Maybe your redheaded bestie hates the color orange, your small-chested sister won’t wear strapless dresses, and your gender non-conforming cousin doesn’t mind dresses, but would prefer to wear something less fitted. It’s way easier to narrow down from a list of don’ts than from a list of must haves.

Narrow down the range of choice: If you care about cohesion, then choose a designer you like and narrow it down to a color or color family you like best and let your bridesmaids choose from there. Don’t care about cohesion, but still want your wedding party to feel supported? Outsource that ish, my friend. Brideside’s style consultants are here for as much or as little help as you want. Since they’ll already be in charge of emailing your wedding party to help with sizing and ordering, they’ll gladly walk your wedding party through the selection process and help keep an eye out for any inconsistencies or weird color combinations.

Take the wedding dance in mind: Let me paint a picture for you: you got to a bridesmaid dress store, find a dress you like, try it on, and it looks great, so you buy it. Then the wedding rolls around. You realize you just accidentally flashed your best friend’s uncle and now you have to spend the rest of the night dancing with one hand hiking up your gown. Yeah, I’ve been to that wedding too. Of course, a multitude of problems can be avoided by simply choosing dresses with straps that you can wear with a normal bra, but if you’ve got your heart set on a strapless design or unique neckline, start by talking to your Brideside style consultant to figure out which styles have built-in support.